(Mobile Web App needs great looks! quick freelance project) no longer available, sorry!

We are looking for the last missing part in a project for a client in Vietnam – no kidding. Concept is done, click-dummy is available and the coding team is ready to start. The part that is missing: Your awesome graphics!

Do you want to bring the visual aspect of this mobile web app to live? Get in touch! Screens that need to be designed are:
– Age Check
– Age Check declined
– Registration
– Terms and Conditions
– Content Overview
– Content Detail
– Order
– Order Pick Up
– Shake Content
– Design Content
– Select Design Components Part 1 to 4
– My Account
– Select Avatar

Once you are familiar with the background of the project and have clicked thru the wireframes, we would like to get 2-3 design directions from you. Can be rather raw, drafted, moodboard-like, just to give us a feeling where you want to take this app. In general, we are fans of minimalistic design – however, as mentioned above, our client is in Vietnam and this might bring in a little different flavor. We trust you to find the right path!

More questions? Feel free to get in touch!
The App and us look forward to you!

(iOS App needs some love) no longer available, sorry!

Our iOS App has been left out alone for too long!
We are looking for someone to take care of it.
The app is making use of:

Google OAuth
YouTube API

Experience with the above will be useful.

First renovation will take about two days of work. We would like to have this achieved within the next few weeks, until end of year. Afterwards there will be an ongoing process of improvement and general maintenance which we estimate at 1 day per month.

Are you interested or do you know someone who is an ideal fit for this task? Get in touch at

Thank you!
Published 15/11/2017

(internship (m/f), part time 16h/week, 3 months, starting August) no longer available, sorry!

This internship starts with two weeks of onboarding and intense training, followed two weeks where you will work closely alongside the project owner. You will be dealing with clients and stakeholders in global markets such as Japan, Vietnam or Argentina.

Within the three months of this internship, you will learn to translate client wishes into specific change requests, address these to the dev team via JIRA and help the accounting team create a quotation that you will provide to the client.

You will coordinate the change requests with the dev team, keep track on the progress and report to the client. Testing, roll out and helping the client get going will also be part of your responsibility.

Along the way you will get in touch with the following tools
– JIRA & Confluence
– Photoshop or equal alternative
– Any capable HTML Editor that works for you
– FileZilla or any FTP Client that works for you
– MobileIron’s Apps@Work
– A couple of Web Apps (ERP, CMS)
– MS Office
– iOS, macOS

who are we looking for?

We are looking for an open minded and relaxed personality. Someone who is keen on details but does not forget about the overall picture. We think this internship creates a very special opportunity and it is the perfect fit for a student. Due to its part time character it can go along your classes and provide you with profound practical skill training. Besides, the 3 month period is not a stop sign. If all works out fine for you and for us we will keep you as a part time employee.

required skills

Having experience in the tools mentioned above can be an advantage, but we strongly believe that our onboarding and training will bring you up to speed just fine. Make sure your English & German language skills are fluent, spoken and written and bring along good manners.


Flexible working environment (home office, beta haus, our place), flexible working time (we will agree on a flex schedule after the onboarding), fair payment (with bonus opportunity), sleek hardware, lots of freedom in a project with a global blue chip.


Send your CV, German / English – both fine.
In addition, let us know who you are. Give us some sort of personal impression and why you think you are a great fit for this vacancy – in two lines.
Contact us at
Published 10/07/2017