Friday, 23 November 2018

brand development for a client in the HR business

brand development

Something we really love – brand definition and it’s possible operational marketing story with a long term view of 3-5 years. Doesn’t that already sound like concept heaven? We had been invited to check the already existing internally prepared ‘brand identity’ deck. This was a great basis to take the brand a step further, refine some aspects and add a few new ones. Within really short time we put together a quite entertaining deck for a two hour off-site presentation using keynote live. The introduction looked at the concepts of Identity-Based Brand Management and S&S’s Lovemarks to define a brand frame for the current state of mind – or state of brand it you like to put it that way. Part II provided direct feedback on the existing brand deck, with soft enhancements and clear refining that moved the brand two steps ahead and – most importantly – staying true to itself. In the last part of the presentation we built an almost logical pyramid of marketing milestones that totally based on the brands core values. We added a scientific validity to it using already existing mechanisms and actually improved the brand’s internal processes hereby (almost on the fly). And there was a whole lot more. Feedback from client was positive and we believe our contribution will show up in the future of the brand – we know that our proposed brand claim and the meaning that comes along has already founds it’s place.