Monday, 1 April 2019

breathe2 app on its way

as you might have noticed, we failed our kickstarter campaign early into 2019. but that did not stop us following this great idea and go ahead with the concept of breathe2. and now, slightly into q2 2019, we find ourselves in the final moments of testing the current build for a release within the next few weeks. that is some great news! if all works out and if we are happy with the result, the app store will see the new app for iOS with a great apple watch extension soon, stay tuned!

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

happy new year 2019

Or Healthy New Year, as our neighborhood likes to state it. In any way, best wishes, joy and peace to the world.
Did we light up fireworks? ? No, we did not. We even spared a Christmas tree ? this year. Why that? We put all our efforts into a small campaign on Kickstarter ? that is ending in less than a week.

What’s it about? We want to enable more people to perform breathing exercise for free and hereby make life a tiny bit healthier than before. And – of course – we kindly ask you to check it out

If you like the idea and campaign, we appreciate any form of support, from fingers crossed to sharing and actual pledging – thank you!

Besides – what will happen this year? We are currently arranging something for a client in Japan, we have pitched a concept for an App end of 2018 and are optimistic to make it happen in q1/q2. In q1 we will also see the release of QEPTR for iOS. And, while the Kickstarter campaign for Breathe2 is still running, we have already plans to launch a new campaign for something totally off topic on Kickstarter or a different crowdfunding platform sometime in 2019.

Want to work with us? There are limited resources still available and we are always able to scale via external partners. So if there is anything, from business process transformation to a rather trivial sounding App – you’re welcome. Cheers from Berlin, the team of what about kate.