QEPTR app for iOS closed beta

QEPTR – our iOS app project – has begun it’s closed beta phase. We have been reaching out to a diverse range of demo partners – from local restaurants and bars to environmental groups and organic coffee grinders. Now it is time to enlist them in the app and create demo content that will allow us to bring the app to the light of the Appstore.

QEPTR as a concept has been around for quite some time now but the last twelve months have brought the idea back up to speed. We find it to exciting to simply let it drop out. And even though the technology has advanced since 2014 when the idea came up for the first time, we strongly believe QEPTR can still be a game changer on how people interact directly on products. If we are proven correct, we will go the next step and move the concept to AR / mixed reality using Apple’s ARKit. But one step at a time. For the time being, we keep our fingers crossed that the app will fill up with content until the end of the year so QEPTR can successfully launch. Yay!